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Speakers Bureau

Do you live in Southwest Florida and know of a group that might be interested in hearing the inspiring story of Miracles in Action and the positive change it has brought to the people of Guatemala? Founder Penny Rambacher is an experienced keynote speaker and nonprofit leader who speaks on a variety of subjects including:

As a speaker, Penny will provide:

  • A quality multimedia presentation, complete with stunning photos and stories from around the world

  • Education about the plight of the poor and the state of education in Guatemala today

  • Inspiration on what YOU can do to help break the cycle of poverty

  • The opportunity to make an immediate difference through the purchase of beaded crafts and necklaces made by village women in Guatemala

Groups that will benefit from a Penny’s presentations include:

  • Philanthropic Groups

  • Women’s Groups

  • Libraries

  • Churches

  • Schools & Youth Clubs

  • Social Justice Groups

Penny’s Bio

Penny Rambacher, R.D. (Registered Dietitian) is the founder of Miracles in Action, a Naples, FL based nonprofit that is dedicated to empowering the people of
Guatemala living in extreme poverty to help themselves through sustainable projects that improve education, nutrition, and vocational skills. As a flight attendant with American Airlines, Penny had the opportunity to travel around the world for work, for
pleasure, and for making a difference in the lives of the poor. After visits to garbage dumps in Quito, Ecuador, and Guatemala City, Guatemala, Penny found inspiration to make a more permanent difference. Penny started Miracles in Action in 2005 based on two core beliefs: first, that working in partnership with poor Guatemalan people gives them a hand up instead of a hand-out; and second, that education is the surest way out of poverty.


Since 2005, Miracles in Action has coordinated the construction of 60 rural schools, 24 village water systems, 20 vocational workshops, more than 2800 safe, fuel efficient stoves, and over 2600 water purification filters. Miracles in Action selects projects that achieve long-term results, improve quality of life, and allow truly impoverished people to help themselves. Penny makes all of her projects personal, often enabling donors to travel to Guatemala to witness first-hand the projects they have supported and the faces of the people whose lives they have changed.

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