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Learn More About the Miracles in Action Inspirational Story in Print, Broadcast and Social Media

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“Woman On A Mission…” Spotlight Magazine July 2016
Penny Rambacher discusses her life – how she came to fund Miracles in Action and the people along the way who have helped her make miracles happen.


“Bringing hope to Guatemala” The News-Press December, 2015
Penny Rambacher explains how seeing extreme poverty in Guatemala motivated her to make a difference and begin Miracles in Action.

“Marta’s Miracle” eBella Magazine October, 2014
Marta Sicajan’s story of human trafficking and survival, and how Miracles in Action has partnered to tell her story to mothers in Guatemala.


“Morales family making miracles in Guatemala” The Lynx October 22, 2014
The Morales family has taken a new challenge to help Miracles in Action — raising money to build a school through a campaign dubbed “SchoolStarter”.


“Want to end border surge?” Canada Free Press July 22, 2014
Penny Rambacher is quoted suggesting that a remedy for the immigration problem is to provide opportunities in their own country for education and jobs.


“Chalk Art 2014 Announces that Miracles in Action Raise Funds” Naples News January 28, 2014
Matt Nolton & Mike Richardson, Co-Chairs of Chalk Art 2014, are proud to announce that Naples-based charity, Miracles in Action, raised over $9,000.00.


“Giving Globally” eBella Magazine November, 2013
Certain Southwest Florida businesses use models that help them make a global impact. Thanks to their efforts, we can make a real difference in the lives of people less fortunate.


“6 international organizations that support jobs and businesses” Yahoo News June 19, 2013
Many organizations seek to help entrepreneurial individuals and small businesses through microfinance and other means. Miracles in Action is featured as one of six organizations that support job creation and new businesses around the world.


“Legacy of Learning” Naples News May 2013
Naples-based donors create a legacy of learning through Miracles in Action.


“Four Civic Philanthropists Discuss Successful Season” The Journal May 2, 2012
Penny Rambacher, Kelly Capolino, Sue McNaghten and Tiffany Kuehner share their experiences from a successful philanthropic season in Southwest Florida.


“Miracles in Action” Naples Illustrated March 2012
Photos of Miracles in Action volunteers being honored in Naples.


“Countryside Residents Leave a Legacy of Learning-2012 Update” Countryside Club News January 2012
John DeStefano and the Rambacher family give to the needy of Guatemala.


“Diamond Volunteer Award Winners Announced for 2012” Naples Daily News December 13, 2011
The Diamond Volunteer Program recognized Miracles in Action as one of three award winners for 2012.


“Bristow girl, 11, aims to build school in Central America in five years” Bull Run Observer November 25, 2011 Kaitlyn E. gives up birthday presents in favor of fund-raising to help poor Guatemalan children.


“Entrepreneur’s Challenge: New Schools in Guatemala” SecondAct November 2011
Donor Linda Davis tells of her personal journey resulting in two schools built with Miracles in Action.


“Learning about Poverty in Guatemala” Naples Daily News Video March 12, 2009
Naples-based nonprofit, Miracles in Action, educates local Naples residents about poverty in Guatemala through an interactive presentation.

“Nonprofit organization celebrates its Miracles in Action” Naples Daily News March 12, 2009
Penny Rambacher shares some of the legacies of the 4-year-old nonprofit charity, including building schools and water systems.

“Chuchuca Alto” Youtube February 1, 2009
School Opening in Chuchuca Alto, Guatemala in January 2009

“La Joya Best” YouTube February 2, 2009
School Opening in La Joya, San Martin Jilotepeque, Guatemala in January 2009

“Miracles in Action” Walden Impact Education October 2008
Walden alumna Magdalena LaVerdiere donates funds to build a school in Guatemala

“Building Another Miracle” Youtube Video March 5, 2009
Highlights of the plight of poor indigenous rural communities in Guatemala and the work of Miracles in Action to help their situation.

“Miracles in Action Part 2” Univision Spanish TV News (en Español) April 7, 2008
Spanish language report about the work of Miracles in Action – Part 2.

“Miracles in Action Part 1” Univision Spanish TV News (en Español) April 4, 2008
Spanish language report about the work of Miracles in Action – Part 1.

“Naples-based Charity Builds 4 Schools in Guatemala” Naples Daily News March 30, 2008
Miracles in Action has built 15 schools since January 2005 and has two more in the works.

“Alumni Profile” Buffalo State University College News Spring 2007
Profile on Penny Rambacher

“Human Trafficking Horrors Stories Shared at Program” Naples Daily News March 1, 2007
Penny Rambacher’s presentation about the plight of Guatemala’s poor at Naples, Florida Library.

“Being There” American Way Magazine August, 2006
The story of an American Airlines Flight Attendant’s commitment to humanitarian work.

“Esta Vida Triste, This Sad Life” Naples Daily News February 1, 2006
Miracles in Action is one of the Southwest Florida charities who strive to deliver supplies and hope to Guatemala.

“Generosity a Naples Family’s Tradition” Naples Daily News May 8, 2005
Mother’s Day story of three generations of women working together building schools and improving education in Guatemala, creating Miracles in Action.

“East Naples Woman Works to Better Lives of Third World’s Poor” Naples Daily News January 30, 2004
Reports on the humanitarian efforts of Penny Rambacher during presentation at Naples Library.

“Dozens of wheelchairs for Latin America” Naples Daily News July 12, 2003
Penny Rambacher’s mission to provide mobility to people who cannot afford a wheelchair, including her most memorable wheelchair delivery story.

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